Radiation Meters


Above is a scan of an original decal that was placed on every
CD V-777, 777-1, 777-2 & 777-A kits.
The Radiological and Calibration Shop was disbanded some time ago.
Michigan DNR&E now handles radiological events but for industry.

Below is a scan of the Calibration tag placed on the
CD V-700 series Meter.
"EMD", Emergency Management Division, "MSP" Michigan State Police
Are marked at the bottom of the decal

The State of Michigan kits were also marked differenetly then the standard FEMA issued kits. 
Mr. Richard Law from 
Information and Technical Support Section
Emergency Management and Homeland Security  Division
Michigan State Police States that......

The State of Michigan had a number of sets that were
not in the official FEMA sets.
We will start with the CD-V 777B this set was created because the early CD-V-717
were not reliable enough so we created a kit that had an extra CD-V715 in it ( this
kit was discontinued in 1988).
The CD-V 777M was issued to the Michigan Department of Agriculture this had the
CD-V720 that opened to be a crude beta detector. ( it never really worked that
The CD-V777H was issued to hospitals to use in case of emergency. Hospitals started
to get there own instruments so after about 1991 or so we had less out in the field.
The CD-V 777HI was issued the Michigan Department of Highway they used this on there
trucks for checking the soil density gauges for radiation leaks and for find lost
sources. They used these instruments until I closed the shop in 1997. They purchased
new ones after that.
The CD-V 777-P was for MSP patrol cars they were no longer in use when I joined the
shop in 1986.
The CD-V 777ES was issued to fire and police departments through the counties.
The CD-V 777PP kits were issued to the counties that had nuclear power plants in them.
The only set missing on the page is the training kits these kits had instruments in
them that did not meet the + - 10% calibration standard They were in the + - 20%
range though. The dosimeters in the kits met the 10% standard though they had the 6
CD-V742 and 4 CD-V138 for dosimeters in them.
The counties and  local programs decided which kits went where we issued the kits
according to population and they decided which kits went where. Mostly they kept the
kits in a central location except for the ES kits that they issued to fire

Below are links to each type of radiation meters, Dosimeters, and accessories that are in our collection

CD V-138

CD V-457

CD V-700

CD V-705

CD V-710

CD V-711

CD V-715

CD V-717

CD V-720

CD V-725

CD V-730

CD V-736

CD V-740

CD V-742

CD V-746

CD V-750

CD V-755 High School Kit

CD V-777

CD V-777-A

CD V-777-1

CD V-777-1ES

CD V-777-2

CD V-781

CD V-787


Family Radiation Measurement Kit